I didn't make it to the meetup but I found your Substack from the list that circulated after. So glad to meet your thoughts. I've spent a lifetime being asked "oh so what do you write?" and the answer always changes and how comfortable or not I am with what my answer is depends on so many factors. But in a community of other writers, I think everyone "gets it" anyway, even if we're still asking each other the question.

Love many things you shared here but especially: "When I’m not writing on a word processor or a journal. I’m writing in my head. I’m chewing on words and tasting ideas for an eventual recipe, something I can offer that might feed others."

Interesting tidbit about trouble writing directly in the Substack editor. I usually write there and I write absurdly long pieces and I've never had a problem. Although perhaps I shouldn't put that in writing in case I'm tempting the fates :)

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Thank you for reading! Hope we can meet at a future meet up :)

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