this concept is so relatable! I also have no idea if I'm an E or an I! what am I absolutely love and thrive on and derive much energy from working in an office with lots of other people for one day out of a week, but then almost immediately crave the solitude of working solo for the next four?!

re: "I push the people in my life to be more authentic, intimate, vulnerable. I push people away—I fear—because I demand a particular level of disclosure, and I model it myself" ... one concept I've been thinking about recently is how to refrain from trying to manage other people's anxiety. I'm pretty bad at this myself but being curious about how I could approach it differently.

In other words: you can offer your model of being—intimate, vulnerable, lots of disclosure!—and invite others to meet you there, but know that ultimately, they get to decide if it will serve them to join you. You just being you doesn't *force* that choice upon them, it just *offers* a choice. So you can remove the burden of feeling like it does <3

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Listen to this! Been spending the last few months reflecting on caretaking and where I do and and how to not do it unless I 100% consent with myself to do it and this podcast is great

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